Rocharlotte's AFROdisiac

Rocharlotte is my name and creativity is my game.

I LOVE afros, BODY PAINT, art, painting, crafts, bright colors, natural hair, leopard/ animal print, beautiful chocolate people, laughter, optimistic outlooks on life, and love. Don't be surprised if I blog about the above. <3

I need a daily creative output whether it's costumes, makeup, wigs, painting, sculpting, whatever strikes my fancy, etc. :D

Skin is my favorite canvas! Show some of your epidermis off; it's beautiful, let me paint it!

Let's let our imaginations go wild and never forget the importance of LOVE

"Live Life, Love Life"

<3 Rocharlotte


Kimono Cape | Anna + Evers

Kimonos seem to be still going strong in fashion world - which I love because they are great for covering up arms, are lightweight and… I just like the look of them! But for some reason they’re so expensive for what is essentially a piece of fabric with a few stitches! Anna + Evers shows us how to make a kimono in two very easy steps - the hardest part will be finding your fabric!

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